How to Watch 'America's Next Top Model' Online So You Can Practice Your Smize

With the "Guys vs. Girls" season having wrapped last November, has it really been so long since we've seen an episode of America's Next Top Model? Don't fret: Just when it seems like you'll never smize again, ANTM returns with Cycle 21 of the show debuting on The CW on Monday, August 18. (I love you, Tyra, but I'll never understand why you insist on calling each season of the show a "cycle.")

It's worth the wait, if only because Miss J. Alexander is returning as runway coach and judge. (Oh, how I've missed Miss J.'s antics.) The diva will be joined on the judges panel by, of course, show creator Tyra Banks and fashion PR guru Kelly Cutrone, who will always be remembered as the meanest boss ever on The City.

This is the second year that America's Next Top Model is a battle of the sexes. Like last season, Cycle 21 sees seven men and seven women competing together for a slew of prizes, including a modeling contract with Next Model Management, $100,000 cash, and a fashion spread in Nylon magazine. Also like last year, fans will have the opportunity to sway the judges. Viewers can "save" eliminated models and bring them back into the competition.

All this means that you're going to want to keep up with what's going on. If you're looking to catch the show sans television, here are some options that'll give you a real reason to smile, er smize.


When you want something without any fuss, it's best just to go to the source: You can watch full episodes right on The CW website. But, there's a catch: The full episodes don't go up immediately. You have to wait a couple of days, but that just gives you a chance to re-watch the finale from last season, which (as of right now) is still there.


If, for some reason, you morally object to watching on The CW website, they're not the only streaming game in town. Hulu also has plenty of America's Next Top Model for you, including past episodes. As with the CW website, you also have to wait a bit to get a crack at them: Hulu says it posts the episodes eight days after broadcast.

Buy It

Last season of America's Next Top Model ended up on both Amazon and iTunes. Both services had the episodes priced the same: $1.99 per episode in standard definition, $2.99 per episode in high definition, or $17.99 for the whole season in either SD or HD. It doesn't really make sense to purchase the episodes when there are two perfectly good free options, but, hey, what you do with your money is your business.

Now, For The Bad News

You can't really count on your cable provider to hook you up with the CW's shows On Demand. It's just not going to happen. But with all of the perfectly good (and, mostly, free) options out there, you don't really need it. You just have to be a little patient and wait for your new episodes of America's Next Top Model.

Images: Massimo Campana & Trever Swearingen/Pottle Productions Inc./CW; Giphy (4)