Yes, He Was in 'Maid In Manhattan'

As the host of this year's Teen Choice Awards, Tyler Posey is showing off the comedy chops that Teen Wolf often doesn't give him a chance to truly display. His banter with co-host Sarah Hyland and the various presenters had been funny and entertaining, but nothing was too memorable — until Jennifer Lopez joined Posey on the stage. Posey casually mentioned that he hadn't seen J.Lo since Maid In Manhattan , at which post everyone watching at home collectively tilted their heads and said, "huh?"

No, Posey didn't mean since the last time he watched the 2002 romantic comedy, he meant since they filmed it, because Posey was the adorable kid in the movie. Then just 11 years old, Posey played the son of J.Lo's character Marisa, who happened to be named Ty. If you forgot Posey played Ty, or never even realized it was him, than you definitely don't remember just how cute he was.

We should've known then that Posey would grow up to become a teen heartthrob starring on a hit show, because even starring alongside a cast that included Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Stanley Tucci, Amy Sedaris, and more, Posey managed to standout. Watch one of his most memorable scenes below, when he first meets Fiennes' Chris, which helps begin the rom-com's love story.

And here he is showing his impressive dramatic ability.

Thank you. Teen Choice Awards, for reminding us of the single best part of Maid In Manhattan.