Frankie Grande Yelled "Ariana" & "Team Grande" on 'Big Brother,' So How Did The Houseguests Not Know?

If you've been keeping up with Big Brother recently you know that Frankie Grande revealed his big secret to his fellow houseguests: that he is Ariana Grande's brother. He told the houseguests after the Battle of the Block competition that aired on Sunday's episode. So, the question remains, how the hell did the houseguests not figure it out before he decided to tell them? It would be one thing if they didn't get catch on to the hints he has dropped throughout the season so far, or even after Victoria, who is a huge Ariana fan, met Frankie and should have recognized him from Instagram, but during the Battle of the Block competition, Frankie let out the biggest hint EVER and they still didn't react.

After Frankie destroyed the BoB competition, with Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb sitting out on the sidelines in honor of Amber (yeah that is still a thing), Frankie dedicated the win to his late grandfather. Frankie then yelled, "That's for you, Ariana!" THAT'S. FOR. YOU. ARIANA. How are these houseguests not putting two and two together after he screams his sister's name and then says, "Go Team Grande," correct pronunciation and all? I get that maybe Donny, our favorite groundskeeper from North Carolina, isn't thinking about Ariana Grande at all times, but there are a number of hip, young adults in this house that should be aware of current pop culture, so the fact that he can say her full first and last name without being suspected is mind-boggling.

Sunday's episode was left with the cliffhanger of Frankie deciding that it was in fact time for him to tell the houseguests his true identity. Because we already know that he does reveal his identity, the real question will be if he will regret telling them his secret. Although some people say they aren't phased by the revelation, it has been a nonstop reference for the past day and a half in the house, so it is sure to change the game around. Not only does his big reveal put a target on his back because of his identity, but revealing that he has been lying to everyone that many days into the game doesn't exactly help in the damage control Frankie needs right now.

Image: CBS