Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ Cover Is a Very Uncomfortable Use of Photoshop — PHOTOS

Another day, another instance of Miley just being Miley on Instagram. One of her latest shots, posted this weekend, may be her most uncomfortable yet. Yes, I understand that she just took a picture of herself relieving her bladder or bowels in the woods. Yes, I'm counting this alongside her DIY glowing dildo sculpture. But really, this one takes the cake. On Sunday, Miley Cyrus posted two "Anaconda" parody pictures to her Instagram featuring her face, as well as Hannah Montana's, superimposed onto Nicki Minaj's thong-clad squatting form. Once you see the shots, you will full well understand the scope of Cyrus' talent for photography of the absurd.

Everyone and their mother has been lampooning Nicki Minaj's softcore booty shot since the "Anaconda" cover art was revealed back in July. Marge Simpson has been Nicki. Kermit the Frog has been Nicki. Nicki has even been to Pride Rock. Now, through the miracle of Photoshop, Miley has gotten her turn.

Picture number one features present-day Miley popping the Nicki squat. Minaj subsequently re-grammed the picture on her own account with the caption. "Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi. #AnacondaOniTunes." Here's of age Miley doing the Anaconda...

OK, so that's kind of chuckle-worthy. However, Cyrus posted a second pic dubbed "Hannah Conda" which features Hannah Montana-era Miley's head on Minaj's body. Minaj also re-posted this picture with the caption "No chill ZONE!!!!" Mind you, this is Miley at around age 16.

Kay guys, time to play pop culture art critic. The Hannah-conda parody is a decidedly clever double entendre as well as an fun pastiche of pop culture iconography. Plus, I'm no Puritan, and I think that most of Miley's Instagram activity is tremendously entertaining albeit a little cuckoo. Just like any great pop artist, she wields this social media skill to disturb the collective unconscious and make you simultaneously laugh and remark "this is unsettling."

Really though, does anyone else get an inappropriate vibe from this? Like, the kind that makes you think, "I can't tell if this qualifies as child porn or not?" Who knows, I may be alone in this thought, but I concur with Minaj that this picture does indeed fall in the parameters of the no chill-zone.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram