Channing Tatum's 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls' Episode Includes Getting Naked, Breakdancing, & So Much More

Tonight is adrenaline night on NBC, which means I get to live vicariously through America Ninja Warrior and Running Wild with Bear Grylls as I sit at home eating popcorn. Enjoying the great outdoors just got easier because this Monday's guest on Running Wild with Bear Grylls is Channing Tatum. In recent episodes, Grylls has welcomed Ben Stiller and Zac Efron — who scaled down mountains — to overcome some incredible feats in the wild, and this Monday's episode is no exception to that trend.

In this Monday's preview, Tatum promises us that we will get the full Magic Mike show, as he is undressing on camera, and all I'm saying is, "Don't make promises you can't keep, Chan." Then, we are brought back down to reality as he says he is going to need a new pair of underpants, so it's really the little moments like this that make me remember he is a human, and not a God — but I digress. Also included in the preview, Tatum and Grylls have a snake encounter, repel down a mountain, jump off a helicopter, and stand at the top of the mountain high-fiving life. Check out the clip below to get your blood pumping for Monday's episode.

So what exactly is Tatum in for during his time in the Wild? Well first, where Tatum and Grylls sleep comes with a great view, and that is because it's on the side of a mountain. Grylls spots a small cliffside for the two of them, that might be the size of my twin bed from college, MAX, and decides that will be the two's bed that night. This cliffside bed is terrifyingly close to a drop off, so they can't exactly roll around, but they both decide it will be a suitable sleeping habitat for the night.

Tatum also gets to relive a bit of his 22 Jump Street chopper training when he and Grylls jump from a helicopter into a lake. Sorry, "jump" is a poor excuse of a word for what they actually did; they backflipped into the lake while hovering over in a helicopter.

They also hang from a helicopter while flying over the beautiful landscape, but we already knew Tatum was a pro at that since he technically did that in 22 Jump Street.

And what kind of excursion with Channing Tatum would it be if we didn't get a little Channing a la Step Up and Magic Mike. Atop a mountain, Grylls asks Tatum for a quick dance lesson, because when you are on top of a mountain, the first thing you think about is, "Oh, this is the perfect time for me to figure out the wave." But don't bite the hand that feeds you, because watching Tatum dance no matter the location is a blessing.

Check out Tatum in all his adventure man glory, Monday night at 8 p.m.

Images: Duncan Gaudin/NBC (2)