Dawn Richard's Feud With Aubrey O'Day Might Not Stop Release of New Danity Kane Music

After Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex confirmed the breakup of Danity Kane, DK3 fans probably spent the weekend mourning the little reunion that couldn't. Or maybe they were like me and allowed a little bit of denial to seep into the fringes of their frazzled minds because in the famous words of Tyra Banks, "We were all rooting for you!" Despite the turn of events, there are plenty of their supporters who want them to make nice, even if it's only so they can release their new album. After remaining silent on the issue except for a tweet or two, Richard posted a statement on her Facebook page apologizing to fans, claiming that she "continued to work with both parties to try to release the album."

It's still a bit unclear exactly what happened aside from O'Day and Bex both claiming Dawn Richard was the aggressor, while Richard declared that she "will not be disrespected." Richard also says she no longer has access to the group's page and truly believed the matter could've been settled behind closed doors, which only produces more questions. It's obviously a messy situation to say the least, but if Richard was willing to continue on towards releasing new music, can they somehow pull it together long enough to drop some new tracks that fans have patiently held out hope for since they disbanded the first time?

In O'Day's statement she referred to Richard as "someone I considered family," which sounds sincere and makes me want to lean more towards the sentiment of, "Yes, they can!" But the fact that this entire fiasco sounds like a musical version of Bad Girls Club, I'm more inclined to believe this is Danity Kane's final farewell, which is a shame because they made such a fierce group.

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