Predicting 'Two Night Stand's Entire Plot, Based Solely On The First Trailer — VIDEO

The first trailer for this fall's Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton romcom Tw o Night Stand was released unto the world Aug. 8, and it certainly has its charms. They are charms you'd probably recognize: A twenty-something girl who's lost her way (Tipton), and who then uses her emotional vulnerability as an excuse to launch herself into sexual adventure. This is with another twenty-something, played by Teller. Hijinks ensue. Frank talk about sex ensues. Implausibly large apartments ensue.

Now, Two Night Stands will probably be a very delightful movie. Teller is in it! Did you see The Spectacular Now? People loved him in that. He's also done the romcom thing before in That Awkward Moment, in which he was also adorable. As for Tipton, she tried to seduce Steve Carell in Crazy/Stupid/Love and was pretty captivating in that role. Two Night Stands will probably be enchanting.

But I have an inkling, and that inkling is this: Despite having only seen the trailer, a lot of us know exactly what's going to happen in this movie, from start to finish. Because we've seen movies before — probably a few movies remarkably similar to this one — and the beats are often pretty predictable.

So bear with me, as I try to live out Two Night Stand without actually seeing it:

Step One: The Bliss Period, Part Un

We know from the trailer that Tipton's character, Megan, was engaged. Perhaps the film will open with her planning her wedding, or just living her blissful life, completely unaware of the fact that her life is about to go completely off the rails.

Step Two: Heartbreak, Pajamas

Tipton gets heavily dumped by her fiance, as the trailer indicates. Stagnation of her life occurs. Pajamas and copious amounts of time spent indoors also occur.

An alternate option for these first two stages is that we just meet Megan after she's already been dumped, in full-on pajama stage.

Step Three: An Intervention From the Friends

This stage is all in the trailer. Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and her stable live-in boyfriend Cedric (Scott Mescudi) are like "Hey, Megan, maybe move out of our apartment and get your shit together." Megan realizes she has to get her shit together. Dating site browsing ensues. A man is chosen.

Step Four: Sex With A Relative Stranger

Enter Teller's Alec, here to sex Megan's stagnant life into activity. They don't really bother with figuring out if they have anything in common, because the entire point of this was for Megan to have casual sex. The casual sex happens.

Step Five: A Plot Device Traps Them Together

Megan says something hostile to Alec and goes to leave, but alas! She can't. Snow has trapped them inside together for an unforseeable amount of time.

Step Six: The Awkward Period

This stage is filled with awkward pauses, active whining, and some hostile comments thrown both ways. This part is also shown in the trailer.

Step Seven: Make the Best Of It

Games! Ping pong or truth or dare, probably. The trailer also shows them baring their frank thoughts on the sex they had the night before, so expect some sex tips. This will likely lead directly into:

Step Eight: The Emotional Vulnerabilities Are Bared

This is where the bonding happens. Maybe a truth or dare leads them to talk about their respective heartbreaks; maybe they bond over something from their childhoods. Maybe they simply realize they have more in common with this stranger from the Internet than they once thought possible. The options aren't exactly endless, but they are varied.

Step Nine: They Are Faced With Separation

Spring peaks through, or the snow plow finally arrives — either way, Megan is free to leave. But does she want to?

Step Ten: The Bliss Period, Part Deux

After some pondering, and maybe a shot of someone running through the city streets, Megan and Alec enter into a new, beautiful relationship, already aware of each other's emotional vulnerabilities and what they do and don't like in bed. And hey, isn't that what we all want, in the end?

Image: Entertainment One