Taylor Swift Makes Ansel Elgort Starstruck & It's Pretty Obvious Why — PHOTOS

The Fault in Our Stars won big at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards, and one of the most notable (and adorable) moments came was when pop star Taylor Swift presented a surprised Ansel Elgort with the Choice Movie Actor: Drama award. During his speech, Elgort seemed genuinely taken aback and excited about the honor, promising to hang up the famous surfboard award on his wall since he doesn’t actually ride the waves. But what had Elgort even more shell-shocked was that Taylor Swift presented the award to him.

He must have been really stoked because after the awards show, Elgort took to Instagram to share a photo of Swift handing him the surfboard on stage. "Real life??????? This is insane. I can't thank you all enough," he captioned the photo. "Yes that's Taylor Swift giving me the surfboard." He posted another pic and apparently played with the photo filters, giving this moment between he and Swift a more nostalgic glow. He captioned that photo with, "Lol sorry I just think this is cool."

Of course it's cool, Elgort. Taylor Swift just handed you a surfboard on a stage in front of thousands of cheering fans. You're understandably in shock, but maybe it's not just the award you won? Maybe Elgort, who is also a sound mixer with a Soundcloud account under the name Ansolo, is a big Taylor Swift fan. Maybe he uses her music to get into the head of his characters. It could happen, and maybe he has this playlist of hit Swift songs on his iPod.

"Mean" for his role as Tommy Ross in Carrie

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

While Elgort's Tommy Ross did ask the confused Carrie to go to prom, it was under the orders of the mean popular girl. He could start understanding Carrie's empowering — and frightening — telekinetic powers and motivation by listening to this empowering song by Swift. Sure, Swift might have been talking about getting back at haters by rising above it all, rather than developing otherworldly powers, but hey, Carrie was still standing up to her bullies. It's like the same thing.

"Speak Now" for his role as Caleb Prior in Divergent

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

While this Swift single might be about a wedding, it sort of matches Caleb Prior's surprising faction choice in Divergent during the selection ceremony. The entire society seemed all a twitter when he made a switch against his family's place in Abnegation in the same way that Swift's narrative in the song deals with a girl interrupting a wedding ceremony. In Caleb's case, I guess choosing your new society is a "white veiled occasion."

"Begin Again" for his role as Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Doesn't it seem like when Augustus meets Hazel they give each other a fresh perspective on life? I can definitely see Elgort jamming out to this song in his trailer before his and Shailene Woodley's scenes in Amsterdam.

"The Story of Us" for his role as Tim Mooney in Men, Women, and Children

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

OK, so this film is in post-production so the public has yet to see it, but seeing as it's based on a novel, I do know that Elgort will play Tim Mooney, a student who decides to quit the football team to dedicate more time to video games. The plot is about parents navigating the Internet culture of kids today, so I figured that Swift's "The Story of Us" about two people in a crowded room not speaking would presumably fit. Get it? Because they're probably on their smart phones and Facebook. Right? Fine. Parents would get it at least.

"Everything Has Changed" for reprising his role as Caleb Prior in Insurgent

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Elgort's reprising his role as Caleb Prior in the second installment of the Divergent YA series. Knowing the book, I can say that there's a big twist in store for the heroine's brother. I don't want to ruin it, but it's sort of a shocker.

These Swift songs are such perfect matches for Elgort's roles, I really wouldn't be surprised if he has this playlist after all. But if not, then please enjoy this ready-made playlist, Ansel, for your future acting needs.

Images: Ansel Elgort/Instagram