Former Disney Star Orlando Brown Charged With 3 Crimes, Could Face Jail Time

Another day, another Disney star scandal — only this one is pretty serious. The New York Daily News reports that former Disney star Orlando Brown has been charged with three crimes. The actor, who was known for appearing on the family-friendly That's So Raven, had been arrested back in July after he allegedly went to a woman's house and threatened her and her child's life. He was never charged with making a death threat since there wasn't enough evidence to back it up, but he has been charged with two counts of disturbing the peace and one count of public intoxication. If convicted, TMZ reports that he'll face up to nine months in jail.

This also isn't the first time that Brown has run into trouble with the law. He's been arrested multiple times over the past few years; The Huffington Post has a full page dedicated to his arrests.

It's troubling to see that yet another Disney star is having bouts with the law, but sadly, it's something that the Internet has become collectively used to. Even though many of us have become desensitized to this sort of story, it's still quite disturbing. It's one thing for former child stars to feel the need to disrobe for the cameras — that's makes you shake your head, at most. But to be allegedly engaging in violent activities? It's an unsettling pattern but sadly, it's a tale as old as child star time.