How 'Twisted' Season 2 Could Solve The Secret Son Season 1 Cliffhanger – If The Show Is Renewed

UPDATE: Sorry, Twisted fans. You'll have to get the answers to your burning questions later. ABC Family has canceled Twisted . EARLIER: ABC Family's mystery-drama Twisted has certainly earned its name, especially after the WTF events of the show's first season finale. After a season ripe with suspense, mystery, and sexy murder suspects, Season 1 came to its conclusion with a twist so bizarre that it has fans begging for a Season 2 of Twisted. I know I am.

In case you missed it, here's what happened. Everyone finally believed Danny when he said that his old roommate from juvie was bad news, but not because Danny had been warning them about him for weeks. Charlie went cuckoo-bananas and kidnapped his "girlfriend" Jo. Luckily, Danny, Lacey, and Detective Masterson arrive to the scene before Charlie can do any serious damage. That's when Charlie reveals his master plan and the motive behind it. Charlie is Aunt Tara's — yes, dead-by-way-of-jump-rope Aunt Tara — secret son, and he's out for revenge.

If you thought that Charlie's parentage couldn't possibly get more shocking, well, you'd be very, very wrong. After Charlie's big reveal, Tess storms into the cabin for one of her very own. Charlie isn't Aunt Tara's son after all — because he's Tess' son. (I know. Take a minute. Gather yourself.)

As if that wasn't enough of a cliffhanger to end the season on, Twisted gave us one better. After Tess' big reveal, the screen cuts to black, and a single shot rings out. Considering that Detective Masterson was holding a gun, that is absolutely major. Now the question is: Who got shot?

We may never find out. (Sob!) Twisted still hasn't been renewed for a Season 2. We may not know Twisted's fate, but we can pretend that we live in a perfect world where the shows we love don't die after insane cliffhangers. If Twisted does come back, here's where the show could go after its insane Season 1 finale.

by Kaitlin Reilly

Lacey Gets Shot

Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Lacey went with Danny to protect Jo — could she have tried to protect her against Charlie’s knife, only to have Detective Masterson shoot her? While I highly doubt that Twisted would kill off one third of the trio, I could see the show picking up with Lacey in critical condition after trying to save her old friend.

Image: ABC Family

Charlie Dies

Detective Masterson had a gun pointed right at Charlie — understandable, considering that Charlie was holding Jo hostage. Charlie could have easily lashed out at Jo when he learned that Tess was his real mother — after all, Charlie was given up for adoption and had a hard life while Jo was raised in a loving household. It’s possible that the shot that rang out was aimed at Charlie. If Charlie dies, Season 2 of Twisted could have Tess struggle with guilt over Charlie’s death at her own husband’s hand.

Image: ABC Family

Jo Gets Hurt

Jo was held at knifepoint in the season finale, which means that if she’s not physically hurt, she will certainly have to deal with the emotional toll from that horrific night. Given Jo’s proximity to Charlie, she could have been grazed by a bullet meant for him. Charlie could also have hurt Jo with his own weapon, which prompted Detective Masterson to shoot Charlie in the first place. While it’s highly doubtful that the show would have Jo die in the finale, her experience in the finale will certainly change her in someway in the show returns for a Season 2. If she isn’t hurt physically, she may suffer emotional trauma.

Image: ABC Family

Charlie Attacks Tess

If you watch the Season 1 finale, you’ll notice that there appears to be some time elapsed between the black screen and the gun shot ringing out. Season 2 could pick up on the night of the shooting and fill in the missing time. A distraught Charlie, upset by Tess’ revelation, could attack his newly-found mother in the time between the blackout and the shot. That would give Detective Masterson a reason to aim for Charlie, hence the shot.

Image: ABC Family

Danny Gets Caught In The Crossfire

Danny would do anything to protect Jo, so it stands to reason that he would be the first one to jump in front of a bullet for his old friend. But it’s not just Jo that Danny might want to protect. Danny might feel guilty about the role he played in Aunt Tara’s death and want to protect Charlie, a person clearly effected deeply by the loss of his mother. If Detective Masterson’s gun went off accidentally, Danny could jump in front of the stray bullet in order to protect both Jo and Charlie.

Image: ABC Family

The Shot Misses Completely

No one has to get shot for the finale of Twisted to bring up a lot of new problems in Season 2. Perhaps Detective Masterson attempts to shoot Charlie, but the shot misses or only grazes him. Charlie, finally realizing the gravity of his situation, could surrender to Detective Masterson. Season 2 could focus on what the Masterson’s will do with the knowledge that Charlie is Tess’ son. Will he become a part of the family? Will he be put in jail? The possibilities are endless.

Image: ABC Family