How 'Twisted' Season 2 Could Solve The Secret Son Season 1 Cliffhanger – If The Show Is Renewed

By Kaitlin Reilly
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UPDATE: Sorry, Twisted fans. You'll have to get the answers to your burning questions later. ABC Family has canceled Twisted . EARLIER: ABC Family's mystery-drama Twisted has certainly earned its name, especially after the WTF events of the show's first season finale. After a season ripe with suspense, mystery, and sexy murder suspects, Season 1 came to its conclusion with a twist so bizarre that it has fans begging for a Season 2 of Twisted. I know I am.

In case you missed it, here's what happened. Everyone finally believed Danny when he said that his old roommate from juvie was bad news, but not because Danny had been warning them about him for weeks. Charlie went cuckoo-bananas and kidnapped his "girlfriend" Jo. Luckily, Danny, Lacey, and Detective Masterson arrive to the scene before Charlie can do any serious damage. That's when Charlie reveals his master plan and the motive behind it. Charlie is Aunt Tara's — yes, dead-by-way-of-jump-rope Aunt Tara — secret son, and he's out for revenge.

If you thought that Charlie's parentage couldn't possibly get more shocking, well, you'd be very, very wrong. After Charlie's big reveal, Tess storms into the cabin for one of her very own. Charlie isn't Aunt Tara's son after all — because he's Tess' son. (I know. Take a minute. Gather yourself.)

As if that wasn't enough of a cliffhanger to end the season on, Twisted gave us one better. After Tess' big reveal, the screen cuts to black, and a single shot rings out. Considering that Detective Masterson was holding a gun, that is absolutely major. Now the question is: Who got shot?

We may never find out. (Sob!) Twisted still hasn't been renewed for a Season 2. We may not know Twisted's fate, but we can pretend that we live in a perfect world where the shows we love don't die after insane cliffhangers. If Twisted does come back, here's where the show could go after its insane Season 1 finale.

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