Robin Williams' Genie Quote From 'Aladdin's Final Scene Resonates Today — VIDEO

On Monday, the world was shocked to learn that actor Robin Williams was found dead at age 63 as a result of an apparent suicide. The venerable Hollywood icon will be remembered for his vast contributions to the entertainment industry and, naturally, fans all around the world are mourning his loss. While there's a mile-long list of ways one can remember Williams, most '90s kids will always think of his role in Aladdin. Long before there was a crop-top clad Christina Aguilera, there was Williams' genie in a bottle. And he was wonderful! Magnificent! Glorious! Punctual!

The Disney feature provided not only elementary school birthday party themes for all of 1992, but it gave us lasting memories that no '90s kids can shake. The music alone is enough to transport anyone back to a simpler time when magic carpet rides could show us a whole new world, but Williams' hilarious performance as Genie should stop you in your tracks. You didn't forget how freaking funny he was, did you? Come on.

How many times did you quote, "The exits are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here anywhere!" as a kid? I used to say "10 thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!" if ever I slept in a little late on a weekday. Oh! And remember when Williams' brilliantly changes the Genies' voice: "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! [Shrinks down inside the lamp]. Itty-bitty living space."

Williams brought the genie to life. He made millions upon millions of children, and adults, bowl over with laughter. But Genie had his soft moments, too. In the end of Aladdin, the funny, somewhat selfish Genie gives us our most powerful lesson.

When Jasmine and Aladdin realize that they can't marry because Aladdin isn't a prince, Genie, who made Aladdin promise to use his third wish to set him free, succumbs to the greatest power of all.

Aladdin: "But Genie, what about your freedom?" Genie: "Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude. This is love."

His selfless offer is rewarded, and in the end, Robin Williams' Genie is let go from his pain. "I'm history! No, I'm mythology! Nah, I don't care what I am; I'm free."

Image: Disney