The Most Immature 'Bachelor in Paradise' Member

There's trouble in Bachelor in Paradise and it's only week two. Basically Elise Mosca and Dylan Pettit are competing to see which one is more immature. They probably don't know they're playing this game, but to the viewers their antics are coming across as pretty juvenile. But who is the youngest-acting of them all? I've studied their actions to find out.

After hitting it off on night one, Elise decided this episode that she was on her way to love. Meanwhile Dylan decided he was feeling smothered. It was a recipe for success from the beginning, obviously. Things escalated when Dylan told Elise he wanted to start seeing other people, and suggested she did too. So Elise kissed Chris Bukowski in the ocean and then Dylan said it was a slap in the face, even though he basically told her to do that. Drama, drama, drama. So who is the most immature in the Bachelor in Paradise house? Let's see how they stack up.


  1. Telling Elise that they shouldn't be quite so exclusive and then getting mad when she listened to what he said.
  2. Asking out Elise's best friend in the house. Maybe he really has a connection with Sarah, but if he's doing it just to spite Elise then that's really low.
  3. Using her kissing another guy as a reason to dump her. Dylan wasn't into her from the beginning of this episode and used Elise making out with Chris as an excuse to be mad at her and get some space. Making Elise think it's all her fault is lame.


  1. Telling Sarah it was fine to go on the date with Dylan and then whining about it. If she didn't want Sarah to go, she should have said so instead of complaining about it behind their backs.
  2. Kissing another guy to prove something. Basically Elise hooked up with Chris to get Dylan's attention, and that's not right either. The "make your guy jealous" thing is so high school.
  3. Not taking responsibility for her actions. After Dylan got mad about the kiss, Elise tried to say he threw her to the sharks by wanting her to meet other people. Perhaps she did feel pressured, but any decision she made was her own and she should accept that.


Looking at Dylan and Elise's lists it's pretty clear who was the most immature one in episode two and the answer is Chris Bukowski.

Whatever Elise and Dylan did, nothing will be as bad as Chris Bukowski nicknaming Dylan "Fat Damon" because apparently he looks like a larger Matt Damon. It's clear that Chris is the same old guy he was on Bachelor Pad 3 and that's not a good thing. Chris has only been around for one week and he's already the most immature person in the house. On this show, that's saying a lot. Better luck next time, Bukowski.

Images: ABC; Martha Sorren