'RHONY' Ramona & Kristen's Feud Heats Up in Time for the Reunion Part 3

Ramona and Kristen just can't leave one another alone, and they're getting into it again on part three of the Real Housewives of New York reunion over… something. Ramona and Kristen seem to get into these arguments every two seconds. Ramona always brings up something insulting but tries to cover it up by shrugging a bunch of times. Kristen can’t let anything go, so it’ll spiral out of control and the two end up yelling at one another yet again. This feud is like a snake eating its own tail — endless. At least the snake would be quiet.

So here's a little retrospective on all the times they've picked a fight with one another over the course of the season in hopes of guessing what sets them off at the reunion. It's worthy of its own clip package. Andy Cohen, take note! You still have a couple of hours to do some post-production editing before the finale to the reunion airs.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Her Model Looks

While Kristen’s tagline does jokingly diminish her intelligence, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any opinions worth sharing. But Ramona blew her off right away for being younger than the rest of the cast.

Image: Michael Lavine/Bravo

Mind Your Own Business

Ramona yelled at Kristen while they were in the Hamptons for attempting to stick up for Heather in the RSVP fiasco because it had nothing to do with her. Kristen can be a little nosy, but she was sticking up for her friend.

Image: Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Josh's Advice to Sonja

Ramona’s had to come to terms with the idea that Sonja isn’t all there when it comes to her business ventures. But when Josh said the same thing, Ramona took that as a reason to lash out at Kristen for encouraging the two to meet.

Image: Kristen Taekman/Instagram

Ruined Blowouts

To be fair to Ramona, a blowout isn’t cheap in NYC ($40 at a minimum, right?). But to be fair to Kristen, why go to a humid spa or on a countryside girls’ trip with a fresh blowout? Both of those activities are in the splash zone of life. You can’t reasonably expect to not get your hair wet.

Image: Bravo


When Ramona attempted to give what (for her) was a genuine apology for throwing the glass in Kristen’s face, Kristen just couldn’t let it go and eventually annoyed Ramona so much the feud re-ignited.

Image: Peter Kramer/Bravo

Reunion Part 1

Ramona and Kristen have already clashed once so far this reunion when they argued about the “glass” Ramona threw in her face and exactly how thick it was.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Choice of Montana

While Kristen took credit for brainstorming the Montana trip, old standbys like “glamping” made it clear that it was probably the idea of the Magical Elves production team. But Kristen took a lot of heat from Ramona over the lack of service and amenities in the rustic Montana resort.

Image: Craig Moore/Bravo

Hostess with the Least-est

Given how much time has been devoted to the finer points of vacationing, the Montana trip will probably rear its ugly, boring head yet again when Ramona brings up how she was able to hostess the hell out of the last leg of the trip by occasionally putting out wine and ordering around the cowboy/butlers provided for Sonja to ogle.

Image: Craig Moore/Bravo