'Pitch Perfect 2's Pentatonix Covers Ariana Grande's "Problem" & It's Very Refreshing — VIDEO

Who'd have thunk that a cappella would be so trendy? Thanks to Pitch Perfect, The Sing Off, and a bunch of extremely talented YouTubers, though, the instrument-less vocal art has become all the rage, and Pentatonix is at the forefront. They've released a new video covering Ariana Grande's "Problem," and even though it might not quite be the Pitch Perfect 2 teaser you'd hoped for (the group is set to appear in the sequel as the Barden Bellas' competition), it's definitely something to tide you over.

Pentatonix has a way with those melodies, harmonies and vocal gymnastics that make you trip. I can barely get my automated bank teller to understand me over the phone, but the five members of Pentatonix create a world of sound that is unbelievable with only their 10 collective vocal chords. And I have to admit, it's refreshing to hear a cover of Grande's "Problem," because as much as I adore the track, there's only so many times I can play it on repeat.

It's certainly one of the coolest songs of the summer, so now you can alternate Grande's version with the Pentatonix cover to make yourself feel slightly less obsessed. The only problem now is waiting for the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2, but hopefully in the interim Pentatonix will give us some more great covers to get us through. "Problem" is fantastic, especially the end.