Hutcherson Is Sad To See 'The Hunger Games' End

Wow, Josh Hutcherson is definitely not ready to move on from his Hunger Games family. In a press conference following his win at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards for his portrayal of baker-boy-turned-hero Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire , Hutcherson was feeling all of the feels about finishing up filming of the dystopian series.

"We had like a wrap party the night that we finished, and that was awesome to see everybody there...just kind of letting loose," says Hutcherson in a clip of the interview. "I don't want to be melancholy, but it was kind of a sad ending to it all. We weren't ready for it to be finished yet."

And that's not all. According to People, he also said, "I miss it so much. It pains me every day a little bit when I wake up, that we're not filming anymore."

Woah. It pains him every day. Those are some serious feelings. And, honestly, they're completely understandable feelings. This was Hutcherson's first time starring in a film series, which means that he had a longer time to grow stronger bonds with his fellow castmates. It only makes sense that saying goodbye to a sort of makeshift family would be difficult to do. After all, aren't we all going to be feeling those feels when the final movie comes out?

The upside is that Hutcherson can now join the ranks of actors who have experienced the sadness of saying goodbye to their film family, a la the cast members of Harry Potter. (Although that is completely different because that was eight movies, not four, and because nothing will ever compare to the Harry Potter family. Ever.)

You can check out the rest of Hutcherson's interview in the video below.

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