Two Movies Are Fighting Over Tom Hiddleston

Any day we get Tom Hiddleston casting news is a good day, and it's even better when there are twice as many films rumored for the actor. Turns out MGM studios is courting Tom Hiddleston for a Ben-Hur remake and also for a film called Me Before You. Hearing that the same studio is seeking Hiddles for different projects is pretty funny, but imagining his reaction is even better. Hiddleston is well-known across the Internet for being a really nice guy, the kind of guy who says "sorry" about as much as he says "hello." Like, probably he should watch that Pantene ad about not apologizing so much.

But his politeness is part of what reeled in his legions of fans. It's hard not to root for such a nice guy. But that personality probably makes dealing with two project pitches extremely difficult because he wouldn't want to say no to anyone.

I can just picture MGM coming to him with Me Before You and describing it as such:

[It] tells the story of Lou, a small-town girl caught between dead-end jobs, and Will, a success all his life who finds himself wheelchair-bound after an accident. He finds no reason to live until they meet when he hires her as his caretaker for six months, and she becomes determined to prove to him life is worth living. They head for a series of adventures together, which changes each of them.

Hiddleston would probably delight in getting to play a man with that kind of backstory and building onto it like he did with Loki.

Then once he found out the director was Thea Sharrock, the same director he worked with on The Hollow Crown, he'd be sold.

But then MGM would come along with the adaptation of the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ. Hiddleston would be overjoyed. He loves history and he takes his roles seriously, so he would strive to live up to Charlton Heston's epic acting. This biblical period piece would be right up his alley.

He would definitely want to say yes, but now which film would he have to say no to? This is the ultimate Hiddles struggle. This man hates disappointing people. He'll sign autographs for ages and take pictures with every fan waiting in line, not because he has to, but because he wants to come through for them.

Both of these films are no doubt intriguing to him, so which would he end up choosing? Simply put: I bet he picks both. Taking them both on ensures that no one is upset and it will thrill his audience because they get to see twice the Hiddles. It's the winning solution, but he'll probably still end up apologizing for it because that's what he does, and it's part of why fans love him.

Apology accepted.

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