Harry Is Now Dating Kate Middleton

Harry. Dude. What are you doing? Not long after England's most eligible prince broke up with England's biggest scrunchie lover, Cressida Bonas, he's reportedly been dating a woman named Camilla Thurlow. Now, it isn't completely crazy that Harry, a young, single dude with a penchant for pretty ladies, would quickly move on to another gal post-Cressie, but there's something a little weird going on with his latest love. Thing is, Camilla looks exactly like Kate Middleton. Yeah. She's a beautiful woman, but not gonna lie: it's a little weird. Also, there's the fact that she has the same name as his step mother. This is all too incestuous, Harry.

This, of course, could all be a coinky-dink, but the one inneresting, hard-to-ignore aspect of this whole thing is: typically, Harry dates blondes. From Chelsea Davy to Cressida Bonas, when was the last time we saw the prince with a brunette? Been a while. Inspired by his brother's wife? I'd say it's definitely a possibility. (And so are other people, calling Thurlow a "dead-ringer" for the Duchess.) Camilla is a beautiful woman — she's a former Miss Edinburgh — but certainly a deviation from the usual tow-headed ladies we're used to seeing Harry with.

Personally, I think it would be great if Harry settled down with Thurlow (or anyone for that matter already!), but I could just imagine the cat fight-insinuating headlines about her and Kate that would ensue if he did.

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