There's a New Michael Jackson Video

The King of Pop is back! Well... sort of. Michael Jackson has posthumously returned with a new single hot off of XSCAPE. So, how did his new single premiere? Jackson's people posted his new video for "A Place With No Name" on Twitter , and the track proves that even after he's passed, he's still the reigning King. The song is good; it's old school Jackson and you will want to move your hips to the song, so be careful if you're about to watch the video if you're sitting in an office where you're not allowed to dance, or if you're in the town from Footloose. All dancing aside, there's the same resounding question that echoed right before the video for "Love Never Felt So Good" debuted: How does one go about making a posthumous video?

While "Love Never Felt So Good" had Justin Timerberlake doing his best MJ, this video doesn't have a celebrity to fill in any missing gaps. However, we don't end up with anything that feels like a gap, because what we do have here is a female dancer, occasionally cavorting romantically with a male dancer, mashed up with some old footage of Jackson. We know it's Jackson without his image dominating the screen — his music and his voice are too iconic — and the few moments in which we do see old footage of him pack enough of a power punch.

Even after Jackson's death his music will live on and by posting it on Twitter, his team has found an easy way to make it shareable to, for, and by the masses.

You can click on the link in the tweet below to be transported to a sexy world o' dance and Jackson's music.

Image: MichaelJackson.com