Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake's "Love Never Felt So Good" Video Is Super Suave — VIDEO

Here it is! We now have Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake's "Love Never Felt So Good" video. People were probably pretty curious to see how a posthumous music video would be done, since that's always a tricky matter to handle, but as always, Justin Timberlake is a class act.

In the video, JT does his most honorable tribute to the late Michael Jackson and performs alongside some dancers who execute some classic MJ dance moves, most of which I've tried in my living room and failed miserably at. Clips of MJ's classic videos play in the background, and JT is so, so, so, so suave. (Pause for momentary swoon.) And let's be real here: any opportunity to watch Timberlake execute his showmanship is awesome. He's a bonafide star who can comfortably hold his own next to the late King of Pop.

But beyond the video, the song, which is just one track off of Michael Jackson's posthumous release, XSCAPE, is so damn catchy. It's freakin' excellent! Even if you think posthumous mashups may make you feel awkward, this one makes you feel good. Plus, Timberlake's vocals fuse so nicely with Jackson's.

What's particularly great about this collaboration is that fans of Jackson will dig it, as will younger fans of JT. Even more so, people who weren't even into JT or MJ because they were too young (OH GOD, I FEEL SO OLD NOW) will probably also like it because just as love never felt so good, a posthumous MJ/JT mashup never felt so good, either.

Check it out below:

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Image: Youtube