What To Buy From Altuzarra x Target

Like Erin Fetherston (loved the Peter Pan collars), Rodarte (those lacy cardigans were amazing), Missoni (don't even get me started on that striped bike), Jason Wu (I still wear a dress from that collection on nearly a weekly basis), and Prabal Gurung (the flouncy silhouettes! The eye-searing florals! The party dresses!) before him, it looks like Joseph Altuzarra for Target is finally here.

And rejoice, because it's really something to get excited about: Prices start as low as $17.99, and only reach as high as $89.99 (it's also worth noting that the higher-priced items are more than worth it, because they're luxe pieces like perfectly tailored coats and over-the-knee stilettos). Plus, the collection is pretty all-encompassing. Comprised of almost 50 distinct pieces, it features everything from lingerie to military-inspired outerwear.

The only downside? We have to wait another month to get it (Altuzarra for Target will be available starting September 14th). Luckily, the lookbook — which is absolutely gorgeous, by the way — was released Wednesday to tide us over. So what's a girl to do? I went through the six-page gallery of clothing (all the while hoping it would never end), and picked out some of my must-haves for your perusal!

1. Go Python Print

Does it get any cooler than this bow-bloused, pencil-skirted ensemble? It's like Joan Harris on snake-y steroids!

2. ...and More Python

That T-shirt is only $17.99, people. I think that makes it pretty much a must-buy. Though I've also got my eye on that ponte skirt and those crazy-ass boots...

3. Military-inspired coat

Okay, I lied when I said it didn't get cooler than head-to-toe python: This mixed material trench might just have that beat.

4. Ankle strap pumps

I'm kind of in love with the whole ankle strap trend (in part because it reminds me of Sailor Venus' shoes).

5. Gold cranes

This off-the shoulder sweatshirt is so gorgeous, I can't even.

6. More cranes

...and, if possible, this structured dress is even better. It seems like something you could really take some names in, you know?

7. Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

Looks like the perfect accompaniment to my plans for world domination.

8. Satin cami set

Wait, hold the phone, this is some adorable lingerie right here. I don't know how practical that mask would be in real life, but this nightwear looks like it strikes the perfect balance between sexy, comfortable, and pretty.

9. A... Velvet Suit?

Yes, if you so choose, you can garb yourself in a ruby red velvet suit from the collection. I'm including it because it looks like the lady version of the suit Jimmy Stewart wears in Vertigo.

10. This belt.

Also available in dark brown, you'll notice that this is the belt that really puts the metaphorical cherry on top of much of the lookbook. An easy way to level up your outfit, and it's under $30!

What do you think? Will you be waiting outside Target at 5am on September 14th?

If so, maybe I'll see you there.

Images: Target (10)