Enjoy Your 15 Seconds of Fame Blaine Morris

It's not everyday that a waitress-by-day, actress-by-night gets a big break from a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but little known Skins star Blaine Morris luckily got a once in a lifetime chance from Kendall Jenner to play a coveted role: "Waitress Getting Money Thrown In Her Face By Spoiled Reality TV Star." Jenner had clearly been holding off on casting the role until she found the perfect young woman, but when Morris refused to serve the 18-year-old alcohol at Mercer Kitchen in New York City while she was lunching with fellow model/Stephen Baldwin's daughter Hailey Baldwin, Jenner knew she'd found the one. Refusing to obey the commands of a Kardashian is one thing, but running down the street after one to demand they pay their $60 bill? Now that's commitment.

Morris, most widely known for starring as teenager Betty Nardone on MTV's total trashcan of a reboot of UK classic Skins, thankfully isn't one to keep such a massive break in her career under wraps. Much to the astonishment of her customer-turned-agent Jenner, Morris happily tweeted out the big news to all of her adoring fans so that the world could stay up to date on her latest acting venture.

Unfortunately for Morris, Jenner apparently now regrets her choice, so much so that she claims the role never existed in the first place.

Despite this bump in the road, Morris is already starting to build to her portfolio. Her IMDB profile is a bit slim at the moment, listing meaty roles like "Student #1" in shows like Fox's The Following, but this run-in with Jenner is bound to bring in way more. Her next project is a film called The Client, which will come out sometime in 2014. There is no plot description for it as of yet, but perhaps it'll feature a spoiled young model throwing an unsightly tantrum in the middle of a popular NYC restaurant, and subsequently giving an actress/waitress the career boost she needs? We can only hope.