'Witches of East End' Spoilers Show Big Developments for Dash & Ingrid That Could Be Great or Awful

Maybe he doesn't have to die or maybe he really, really does? Lifetime's Witches of East End Season 2 monster, the Mandragora aka "Sex Monster," is still running rampant and getting rid of him isn't going to be easy. Basically, if the sex monster dies, he's taking Ingrid Beauchamp with him. But, obviously, WOEE isn't going to let that happen, right? The promo and summary for Sunday night's new episode, "When A Mandragora Loves A Woman," could mean two very different things for Freya's former fiancé and Ingrid's potential new lover Dash Gardiner — he's going to die or he's going to get together with Ingrid. But, really, no one's going to live happily ever after either way.

Heck, if we're only going to get Freya and Killian's love story in small doses, we might as well just latch onto what we've got. And that's Dash and Ingrid's more-than-possible relationship. They've gotten significantly closer in Season 2 — not that I'm necessarily surprised. At WOEE's panel at Comic-Con, Rachel Boston, who plays Ingrid, revealed that the pair "have an interesting connection" because of their history. But really, their "interesting connection" is going to come from this sex monster experience, since it's totally effing up both of their lives.

During last Sunday's episode, "Boogie Nights," Beauchamp matriarch Joanna learned some unsettling news about the Mandragora and what it'll take to get rid of him. Apparently, the more time this sex monster spends with his tentacles wrapped around Ingrid, the more powerful he gets. But there's also another catch — if and when Joanna kills the Mandragora, she also kills his mate, who happens to be her own daughter, Ingrid. God, being Ingrid is so damn hard. However, there's no way WOEE is just going to kill off Ingrid. It's way too early in the series to kill one of its main characters.

So, where does that leave us? With Dash Gardiner, unfortunately, because that guy just can't catch a break. After getting ditched by Freya because he unwittingly was engaged to his brother Killian's soulmate and effing things up by trying to use magic, Dash might've had a chance at something less dysfunctional with Ingrid. At least, that's what I was hoping for, because he could really use a break from romantic turmoil. Unfortunately it's not working out that way. At all.

In the promo for Sunday night's new episode, Dash has gone completely off the deep end as a result of his encounter with the Mandragora last week. And while I was pretty sure that Dash would be a casualty of Ingrid and the sex monster's relationship because he also was getting close to her, I think there are two very different ways this could go now. During "Boogie Nights," the sex monster stuck his tentacles into Dash's ears and essentially infected him, which definitely explains his behavior in the promo. Dash tells Freya that nothing would make him happier than to see all of the Beauchamp women dead, before throwing her across the room and letting her know that he can also do magic.

There are two ways this can go down — if Dash is permanently infected (I doubt it, Freya's good with potions, she could make an antidote) he's going to get killed like I previously predicted. All because he couldn't stay away from life-ruiner Ingrid. BUT there's another option on the table now, which is significantly less sad for me and Dash — he won't die, he'll be cured, and he and Ingrid will get together. I mean, they'll probably literally raise hell or destroy the East End, but it could work.

When they both get through this Mandragora business, Dash and Ingrid will have no choice but to bond — they're the only two people who know what it's like to be controlled by that beast. Add that to the fact that they were already starting to get romantic and it's like magic. Maybe, considering how great Dash is as a character, Death will spare him in favor of someone that fans are less attached to — like Alex or Frederick.

This guy doesn't deserve to die with his mind addled by sex monster venom, he's been through enough. Give Dash a chance, WOEE.

Images: James Dittiger, Sergei Bachlakov/Lifetime (2)