Witches of East End' Spoilers Hint Dash & Ingrid Will Get Together & That's Bad News

Death is coming to the East End, people. And while we've waited two week for the new episode of Lifetime's The Witches of East End Season 2, we might have been looking at its next victim all along. Dash Gardiner might have thrown his name directly into the fire when he got involved with Ingrid and that's not a good thing. Spoilers for Sunday night's new episode "Boogie Nights" reveal that Dash and the other Beauchamp sister, Ingrid, bond over a grave, magical mistake, which puts him right in line to become the next victim of the Mandragora or "Sex Monster.". So, maybe we shouldn't be so worried about Killian dying this season.

In case you've missed some of Season 2, here's a quick refresher as to why Dash should be staying far away from Ingrid — she's the Mandragora's girl. Ever since the new creature was introduced onto WOEE, all the way from the storied, magical place that is Asgard, it's taken a particular interest in Ingrid and it's got a seriously creepy hold on her. (How does Ingrid always find herself in these situations?) And no one's particularly happy about it — especially her mother, Joanna, who will spend a few scenes on Sunday night's episode trying to convince her daughter that her bond with this creature is dangerous and toxic. I mean, she should obviously already know that, considering this thing looks like a male cross between an Avatar and Mystique from X-Men. It's definitely not human and it's definitely not okay to be romantically and sexually involved with it.

It also looks like this "Sex Monster" might be getting a hold on Dash in Sunday night's new episode. Sneak peek photos on Lifetime's site reveal that while Ingrid and Dash are going to get close, they're also going to have to deal with an unexpected, jealous sex monster. And it's terrifying.

Jeez, hasn't Dash been through enough? And his struggles are far from over it seems. Since Season 2 began, Dash and Ingrid have had a connection brewing. In the most recent episode, when a spell from his family's grimoire went awry, and Killian was left near-death, Dash called Ingrid to come help reverse the spell. And she actually showed up, covered in blood mind you, following her latest encounter with the monster and Dash returned the favor by taking care of her wounds. But, this connection will continue to grow, making things dangerous for Dash and probably for Ingrid as well. (As if the above photo weren't indication enough that we've got trouble in the East End.)

On Sunday night, Dash is going to perform a resurrection spell on one of his patients, according to OMFGTV, without realizing the consequences that come with reversing death. Fans will remember that, when Ingrid first found out she was a witch, she mistakenly performed the same spell on her aunt Wendy, which led to the death of her love interest. (Before she knew that Wendy's lives regenerate.) So, Dash seems to be following the similar trial-and-error pattern that Ingrid went through during her first days as a witch. And, considering what happened on the July 27 episode, Ingrid will probably come to Dash's aid again.

It seems like WOEE is driving its action towards a new couple — considering how unlucky in love both Ingrid and Dash have been since the series began. So, for fans that are gunning for a romantic resolution to Frillian, we now have a new couple on the rise with equally dire consequences. If Joanna and her daughters can't find a way to send the Mandragora back where it came from, Ingrid's budding relationship with Dash could add him to the rising body count in the East End. Especially because, as you all already know, Death is coming.

Images: Lifetime (2)