'Big Brother' Frankie Grande's Hair Looks Like Ice Cream & We Have the Proof

Is it just me or does anyone else see food everywhere they look? I'm not talking like street meat everywhere you look, because that is actually on every New York corner. I'm talking, "Wow, that cloud in the sky looks like a really good donut," everywhere you look. So naturally, while I was watching Big Brother on Thursday, my food-vision got the best of me when I realized Big Brother 's favorite YouTube star, Frankie Grande, reminds me of ice cream.

Ever since Frankie's blonde/pink hair started to grow out, his natural color (a dark brown) grew in. I am not shaming him for having roots, at all. Look, one time a stranger complimented my ombre hair, when in fact, I just hadn't had my highlights done in over four months, so I know the struggles of keeping up a hair color routine. But now that Frankie's hair is growing in (and I officially did ombre my hair), we don't just have one, not two, but three hair colors working all at the same time. And any person that has food-vision knows that brown, blonde/cream, and pink mean one thing: Neapolitan ice cream.

Neapolitan ice cream allows you to have the best of all three ice cream worlds, all at once. It is the ultimate "Oh, I don't know what I want, you order before me," person's choice of ice cream, because it gives you the three classic flavors, side-by-side. So naturally, when I realized Frankie's hair reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream, I gained a new level of respect for him that any foodie would recognize. In case you don't believe me, check out the five times Frankie Grande's hair reminded me of ice cream flavors.


All three flavors up in that sneaky little head of his. First you've got the chocolate (roots), then you've got the vanilla (blonde), and finally the strawberry (pink tips).


When Frankie first entered the house, he was almost all pink in the hair. The pink was the perfect shade of a nice light strawberry ice cream.

French Vanilla

I'm going to grab some shades for the haters that say French Vanilla is boring. French Vanilla is a classic, and so is the blonde hair that Frankie had to match it.

Rocky Road

Almost completely chocolate (brown hair), with just a hint of marshmallow (blonde) and almonds (light brown), Frankie's Rocky Road hair looks good enough to eat.


For all the chocolate lovers out there, you're sure to love Frankie's all dark 'do.

Now that it is settled that Frankie Grande's hair is ice cream flavors at their best, I think I need to treat myself to a scoop (of every flavor mentioned).

Images: CBS (3); Edy's (5); Frankie J Grande/Instagram (3); Giphy