'Big Brother' Star Frankie Grande's Hair Transformation Timeline (Thank You, Instagram)

Chances are, whether you religiously follow Big Brother or religiously follow Ariana Grande, you are 100 percent aware that Ariana's brother, Frankie Grande, is a star houseguest on this season's hit reality show. Frankie's huge personality, flirtatious nature with fellow houseguest Zach, and all around comedic nature not only makes him stand out inside the house, but also outside the house, as he was voted to be a member of this season's twist, Team America.

Another reason Frankie stands out is, hello, his pink hair! If Frankie wasn't related to Ariana Grande, the pink hair would most certainly have been his distinguisher during the first couple of episodes before I learned everyone's name. But when it comes to hairstyles, it seems Frankie's motto is (pink) hair today, gone tomorrow, because boy changes his hair color A LOT. When it's not pink, it's blonde, or red, or black, or long and flowing (?). Don't believe me? Check out the photos of Frankie Grande's hair transformation from before he moved into the Big Brother house.

Young Frankie's Hair

I think it is V. important for us to all know what we are working with here. Check out this super adorable #tbt that Frankie posted, and take note of his hair pre-color treatments.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie's Dark Side

This look can probably be called the most simple style of all of Frankie’s hairstyles over the years. He hadn’t really gotten into the signature color yet — after all this was two and a half years ago — but with a personality as colorful as Frankie’s, do you even need the pink hair?

P.S. Hey, Lisa Vanderpump!

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

The Bleach Blonde Frankie

So Adam Levine definitely stole Frankie’s blonde locks from over a year ago, and brought the look back for 2014, right? Seriously, the two are almost identical during this phase of Frankie’s hair transformation. This look is definitely the base of the look we see Frankie with today, just sans the My Little Pony tips. Real question though Frankie, do blondes have more fun?

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie the Redhead

Frankie’s hair is on fire during his redhead phase. Right before Frankie dyed his hair red, his sister, Ariana was sporting a seriously hot red head of hair as well. As the caption says, once Ariana went brown, Frankie and the red color dye met for this match made in heaven (and if waiting to dye your hair the same color as your superstar sister isn’t sibling love, I don’t know what is).

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie & the Frosted Tips

So three months after Frankie was seeing red, he had already toned down the hair to his natural color, with a little introduction of his soon-to-be signature tips. Even though frosted tips remind me of junior high, Frankie manages to pull them off.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie goes black to basics

So after a year of blonde and red, it seems Frankie was ready to ring in 2014 with his natural dark locks, they just have a little more oomph than they did two years prior. If Frankie had entered the Big Brother house with this hairstyle, him and and fellow houseguest, Cody Calafiore, would be total hair twins.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie's Pink Tips

And just when you thought you knew Frankie’s hair, he adds a new element to a otherwise average hair color. And Frankie is anything but average. Just months ago, Frankie added the pink tips, and from what we’ve seen on the show so far, he's never going back.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

Frankie Grande the 'Big Brother' Houseguest

And finally, the Frankie we have all grown to love on Big Brother. Kudos to him for maintaining this style during the season so far, but as he said on the first episode, he entered the house with a ton of pink hair dye, so the the color is here to stay.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram

BONUS: Ariana Grande's Hair

Frankie posted this funny photo of him trying on, what looks to be, Ariana Grande’s hairstyle from when it was red. Maybe we should just leave the long locks to your sister, Frankie.

Images: Frankie Grande/Instagram