Are These LiLo Quotes From 2004 or 2014?

Listen, everyone, she's so over it, so we all need to let it go — including you, James Franco. Lindsay Lohan finally addressed her leaked sex-list in an interview with The Daily Mail. And, while we already knew that Lohan was doing well from her latest Instagram photos, it seems like the actress has become totally zen about her past and the now-infamous sex-list. Like, I'm convinced that we'll find her sitting outside of a cafe in London reading the teachings of Buddha, that's how zen I'm talking here.

In the Aug. 15 interview, Lohan opens up about everything from her feelings about Franco's Bungalow 89 (she DGAF) to her new life in London and it really seems like she's moved on and is starting over. Which, frankly, is pretty great after all she's been through. I'm happy for her and I also want to take her to my yoga class. But we shouldn't be surprised at all that Lohan has made it to her enlightened state — because when you look at her 2014 interview alongside the lyrics to her 2004 hit "Rumors," it's clear that LiLo's been nearly this place all along.

So, free your mind for a second and try to figure out which of these quotes comes from "Rumors" or Lohan's Daily Mail interview.

Exhibit A: On Franco's Short Story

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
I don't think about it. When people say things about other people I don't think it's necessary, I've never talked about anyone else and I never will.


And you're probably gonna write what you didn't see. Well I just need a little space to breathe. Can you please respect my privacy?

If you chose the first quote as being from her 2014 interview, you are correct. But the similarities are uncanny.

Exhibit B: And Whether Or Not She Read It

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
I'm tired of people lying — saying what they want about me. Why can't they back up off me? Why can't they let me live... I just need to free my mind.


If someone wants to do that for their own reasons there's nothing to say, I'm not in their head. I would never do that. I didn't read it.

If you recognized the first quote from "Rumors," congrats, LiLo fan.

Exhibit C: On Her Sex-List Leaking

Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
I feel the energy all around.


It's bad karma for whoever did it. It was sh***y.

A tough one — but the second quote is actually from her interview. #Karma, bitches.

Exhibit D: On The Public Eye In 2014

David McNew/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
When I started working we didn’t have Twitter, we didn’t have any of this s***, it’s a different world now. We didn't have instagram, we didn't have camera phones for god sake, it's really different now.


I've gotta say respectfully, I would like it if you take the cameras off of me.

Is this a trick question? Actually, no — but it does seem like the first quote from Lohan's 2014 interview could be followed with the second quote from 2004's "Rumors."

And for fun, here's the music video for "Rumors" — rock on with the 10-year-old gem: