In 'Expendables 3,' Are Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jet Li a Couple?

In a recent profile on Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes, Grantland writer Matt Patches casually hints that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li's characters share a romantic moment in the film. I know you're not rushing out to see this threequel about old men carrying out ridiculous, and often violent missions, but this tidbit certainly grabbed my attention. A possible gay couple in Expendables ? Go on.

Patches writes:

What? Are two of the macho leads of the action flick a couple?

Now, let's hope that this romance, if it's truly in the movie, is cute, rather than a joke. The mention of "get a room" makes me a little nervous that Schwarzenegger and Li’s encounter will provide slightly homophobic comic relief, rather than a nice and progressive side plot. My hopes aren't high. The film premiered in the U.S. on Friday, and it received generally negative reviews.

It would be nice to see more LGBTQ characters in action movies, even if the romance isn't front and center. Gay action heroes are a powerful way of challenging the common perception of masculinity, and more representation across a variety of film genres would be amazing for the LGBTQ community.

Here's hoping that this marks the beginning of a trend.

Image: Nu Image