'Doctor Who' Fashion Face-off: Amy vs. Clara

by Rosie Narasaki

Can you believe we're less than a week away from new Doctor Who episodes? After eight, long months of hiatus, even the handful of days we have left seems hard to weather. Luckily, there are a few things to tide us over while we wait:

With the news that Jenna Louise-Coleman has quit Doctor Who, we'll only have until Christmas to enjoy her quirky, girly style — but hopefully someone just as fashionable will take her place as the Time Lord's companion. In a spirit of celebration and anticipation, I've created a fashion face-off, Doctor Who style. And who better to pit against one another than the two most recent companions, Clara Oswald and Amy Pond? They're kind of like apples and oranges, style-wise — Amy's known for her cool-girl sensibilities, what with her leather jackets and miniskirts, while Clara's known as more of an adorkable, Zooey Deschanel type. Thus, to make apple/orange comparison a little easier, I've divided them into subcategories (plaid, leather, dresses, etc) — so let's see who has the better style!


I'll never get tired of plaid jumpers. Ever.

Plaid was one of Amy's mainstays, but I think Clara might just have her beat: Clara 1, Amy 0

Leather Jackets

Holding a mace certainly helps her case, but...

...Amy's the unofficial queen of the leather jacket. I especially love this one from her out-of-left-field — not to mention short-lived — modeling career. Clara 1, Amy 1

Army Jackets

Relaxed with an edge — the jacket looks awesome paired with those moto boots and that high-low-hemmed dress...

... but this is the very image of laid-back cool. Clara 1, Amy 2

Short Skirts

Clara's Christmas outfit perfectly straddled the line between adorable and chic.

Short skirts (especially of the denim variety, like the one shown above) were kind of Amy's trademark, especially during season 5. That said, I have to give the edge to Clara for the twee factor! Clara 2, Amy 2


Clara's worn a lot of cute dresses in her day, but this one might just be my favorite. A kitschy sequin print and a black Peter Pan collar make it a strong contender, but...

... is it any match for Amy's famous pineapple dress? I think not. Clara 2, Amy 3

Bonus Category: Period Gowns

Victorian Clara had just as great style as future Clara (or rather, Oswin) and present Clara.

Amy's period gear is a little less impressive (though to be fair, the Savoy did just get invaded by Zygons). Clara 3, Amy 3

I suppose that makes it a draw! I mean, off the record, I slightly prefer Clara's look (I'm a big proponent of cutesy retro-inspired dresses), but as this highly-scientific, multi-category study of the two ladies' style deems it a tie, I guess that means it's up to you to decide whose style you like best!

Are you a Clara or an Amy?

Images: BBCAmerica