Disney's Sweet Robin Williams Tribute Revealed & You'll Need Tissues For This One — PHOTO

As I’ve gotten older, Aladdin has become one of my favorite Disney movies, as it has with children and (like myself) grown adults. With both Aladdin and the late Robin Williams (Genie) having such a large impact on my life and the lives of so many others, it made me so happy to hear that Disney Channel recently honored Robin Williams by creating a sweet message at the end of Aladdin this weekend.

Like the recent Aladdin tribute on Broadway which consisted of the cast singing "Friend Like Me" to honor Williams — which, yes, I already cried after watching — this tribute comes at a time when many of Williams' grieving fans likely need some comfort.

The message on Disney's tribute is simple, but perfect. It reads “In memory of Robin Williams, who made us laugh,” and is accompanied by an image of Genie’s face made up of stars in the sky.

In addition to Disney's decision to put together this touching tribute, they've also decided to play the film repeatedly throughout the weekend to honor Williams' legacy in Hollywood. Even though Aladdin was released 22 years ago, the same year I was born, I know that his work with this movie — all his movies, really — will carry on to bring joy to children everywhere.

Image: Disney