Pitbull's "Fireball" Music Video to Feature Jenna Marbles & We're Praying For a Comedic Spin on the Pop Tune

I’ll be the first to admit that although I’m not a huge fan of Pitbull, I can’t help but sing along to his songs because they’re so dang catchy. I’ll also admit that although I’ve played Timber hundreds of times in the car and while dancing in front of the mirror, that’s probably the first Pitbull music video I’ve ever actually watched. Surprisingly, however, it won’t be the last. With Pitbull now collaborating with the likes of Jenna Marbles, Bart Baker, and Brittany Furlan, for his upcoming music video for Fireball, I might actually become a faithful follower of the musician.

Pitbull’s song has already been released online since the end of July, but the video is currently in the works Sunday, Aug. 17, over in Los Angeles, according to Variety.

With the somewhat repetitive song reflecting party vibes and an obvious reference to having sex, I’m not quite sure where the two YouTube stars (Marbles and Baker) and the Vine star (Furlan) fall into this music video. Of course, just like Kesha did in Timber, they could simply be goofing off on the sidelines or dancing while Pitbull sings amid several half-naked women, also known as his backup dancers, The Most Bad Ones.

Whatever they do, I sincerely hope that they bring something comedic to the table considering Fireball sounds strikingly similar to almost every other Pitbull song I’ve heard.

Image: giphy