'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Spoof Features Jennifer Lawrence & Allison Brie in Awfulness You Need To See — VIDEO

Ah, the glories of the abandoned pilot. Show business is full of them, and they are varied and, more often than not, god-awful. There are some gems, for sure, some lost treasures that could have been a Mad Men or a Broad City if only the whims of Hollywood were not so cruel. Not Another High School Show, featuring Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence, is not one of those. Granted, it kind of depends on how you define gem.

Brought into almost-existence in the wake of Not Another Teen Movie, Not Another High School Show would have been a Comedy Central show of similar premise, created by screenwriter Mike Bender. Now an excerpt of the pilot has surfaced, which is probably both an embarrassment and a delight for Community star Brie and Oscar winner Lawrence. The excerpt revolves around "Muffy," a girl with a giant stake modeled after Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with more sex talk.

By far the best part of this clip is Brie's performance — she does an admittedly spot-on impression of Sarah Michelle Gellar's mannerisms in the first few seasons of Buffy. Lawrence, for her part, is barely there: She pops in at the end after (spoiler alert?) Muffy stabs the janitor with a stake. Can you sense the Oscars on her already? Not really, but we all gotta start somewhere. I'd bet she's pretty grateful this didn't get picked up to series.

Somewhere, Mike Bender is having mixed feelings about this.

Image: Comedy Central