'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Continues to Win Box Office & 'Let's Be Cops' Succeeds Despite Horrible Timing

Andrew Toth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was a weird week for humanity, but in the box office world everything seems to be going par for the course. This time around that means that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has won another week at the top of the movie charts. The masses really do love them some CGI turtle teens. Meanwhile, Expendables 3 ain't doing so hot.

If you're looking for details about the turtles, they raked in $28.4 million this weekend alone, with a total gross of $117.6 million since it opened last week. Guardians Of The Galaxy came in second for the second week in a row, bringing in a still-great $24.7 million this weekend, bringing them to a $222.3 million total for the three weeks Groot's been dancing through theaters.

Let's Be Cops, the resident comedy of the weekend, came in third with $17 million its opening weekend. They had, it must be noted, truly terrible timing working against them — this wasn't exactly a week where cops were popular, so a comedy about two dudes who decide to pretend to be cops brought some baggage with it.

But it still beat the opening weekends for both The Expendables 3 and The Giver, proving two things: That testosterone-filled action movies packed with old dudes and endless re-iterations of YA dystopian tropes do not necessarily make high-sellers. The Giver may be a classic YA novel, but audiences can tend to tell when a film adaptation mainly exists because of a more popular adaptation that came before it. The Giver only brought in $12.7 million this weekend.