Twitter Wants Adele to Do the Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the charity sensation that's sweeping the nation. Everyone from Gwen Stefani to Justin Bieber has dumped ice water on themselves for charity and then followed it up by nominating other celebrities to be the next in line. The latest celebrity to create a stir by taking the challenge is Lady Gaga, who was nominated by Jared Eng of JustJared.com. Not only did Lady Gaga do the ice bucket challenge in character, but Gaga also nominated Adele as one of the celebrities to pass it on to. As you might imagine, the Internet went absolutely wild for the idea.

Currently, we are all living in the dark days when new music from Adele is a distant dream that teases us every gossip cycle with bits and pieces that Adele never confirms. Are we getting a new Adele album in 2014? Will it be called 25? (According to the World Music Tour, Adele has confirmed a 2015 tour after 25's release, but that tweet has since been deleted.) Getting Adele to do the ice bucket challenge would not only be a victory for charity and ALS, but also a victory for Adele fans who are longing to see her and to see new work from her.

It might be a stretch to consider the ice bucket challenge "new work" from Adele, but, come on. Our Adele sightings have been so few and far between that every little bit counts. Fans have already began speculating about whether or not Adele will accept and how she'll react when she finds out that she's been nominated. The reactions have varied a lot.

Some Made Jokes

Some Think Lady Gaga is a Hero

Some Don't Think Adele Will Appreciate It

Some Sense a Conspiracy

Some Just Can't

The ball's in your court now, Adele. Don't let us down.