Justin Bieber Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge & Nominates President Barack Obama — VIDEO

Listen up, Beliebers! Justin Bieber has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, making him one of the most recent celebrities to get in on the trend. Some of the latest celebrities to get in on the trend include Selena Gomez, the Kennedy family, and Kate the Wasp. On Saturday, Bieber uploaded a brief video to his Instagram account that shows him dumping a bucket of water on his head. As part of the challenge, Bieber nominated Ellen Degeneres, Chris D'Elia, and President Barack Obama to be the next to join in and share a video. Nominating Barack Obama seems like an odd choice given that Bieber isn't exactly an upstanding citizen, but in the Instagram video caption, Bieber refers to him as his "main man," so it's possible they're friends, which is totally weird. Will President Obama accept? TO BE CONTINUED.

While it's great that Bieber is getting in touch with his philanthropic side despite his recent dalliances with the law, he might have missed the whole point of the challenge when he forgot the most important part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is ICE. How can we be sure he didn't just pour a small bucket of warm water on himself? Bieber also left out any mention of donating to ALS research or promoting awareness of the disease, which is the purpose of the Ice Bucket Challenge, but his fans don't seem to mind, and appear to be as adoring as ever in the video comments.

Check out Justin Bieber's Ice Bucket Challenge here:

Image: Justin Bieber/ Instagram