What Did Zingbot Say to Christine on 'Big Brother'? Her Relationship With Cody Got Put On Blast

If there's one thing that's been making us all awkward and uncomfortable on this season of Big Brother, it's the relationship that has developed between Cody Calafiore and Christine Brecht. Cody and Christine didn't spend a noticeable amount of time together before, but they were members of the Bomb Squad and the Detonators together. Cody is a former model and an all-around good-looking guy, so it's no surprise that practically every girl in the house had a crush on him and was more than willing to cuddle with him. However, Christine is taking it to such a level that even Zingbot noticed — and that didn't end well.

Cody and Christine's relationship has had Big Brother fans speculating that Christine is cheating because she spends so much time in bed with Cody, sitting in Cody's arms, playing with Cody's hair, and giving Cody massages. Christine has not outright made any indications that she loves her husband, Timothy Brecht, any less, but her physical affection toward Cody has gotten bad enough for the other house guests to notice and for CBS to air a segment focusing on their negative reactions to it. When Zingbot came to visit the house guests, we were all eager to know what one-liners Zingbot had in store for everyone. Christine's zinger was about her relationship with Cody and it drove her to tears.

According to Christine, whatever Zingbot said to her was "distasteful" and even Derrick admitted that it was "brutal" of Zingbot to take it that far. Christine was so upset that she spent some time sitting alone in the backyard, crying and reading her HoH letter from her husband. She has no way of knowing what Tim thinks of her in-house behavior, but it's clear from her reaction to her zinger that she's now officially terrified about how her behavior around Cody is making her look.

So what could Zingbot have said that would cause such an extreme reaction in Christine? Considering the fact that Christine went to read over Tim's letter after the zing, it could have been something along the lines of "I heard your next HoH letter is just a packet of signed divorce papers" with an additional comment about her having Cody there to pick up the pieces. Not only would that be harsh, but it would definitely send Christine running for some reassuring words from Tim that divorce papers are not on her horizon.

Another comment that Zingbot could have made was "I'm shocked to see you in your own bed and not Cody's, though probably not as shocked as your husband". According to Big Brother Network, Christine worried about what "her pastor and members of her church" would think of the zing. Implying that she and Cody are sleeping together (or actually sleeping together) would definitely put her on edge. We won't find out exactly what Zingbot said until Wednesday, but it might not have been as mean as Christine believed at first. After all, she was later found right back in Cody's arms looking for comfort.