The Ice Bucket Challenge: Take 2

The Biebz has really outdone himself and, thankfully, I'm not talking about him upping his peeing-in-weird-places game. After already accepting the ALS Ice Bucket challenge once, Justin Bieber took the Ice Bucket Challenge again and this time he nominated a better group of people to take the challenge after him. (If you're been living on a remote island for the past couple of week, the Ice Bucket Challenge raises awareness of ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease, and encourages people to make donations to the ALS Association.) The first time Bieber poured what may not have actually been ice water on himself, he challenged Ellen DeGeneres, his "main man" President Barack Obama, and comedian Chris D’Elia. But the second time, ooooh the second time was good.

After pouring "ice water" (seriously, Bieb, where are the ice cubes?) on himself a second time, Bieber nominated ALL THE BELIEBERS. All of them! That is, like, sooo many people. I'm estimating here, but I think it's a gazillion. Either ALS Association donations just quadrupled or a bunch of Beliebers are dumping ice on themselves right now, not because they want to raise awareness, but because what King Justin says must be done.

For real though, if you want your charity/new business/struggling attempt at becoming Instagram famous to get some traction, the best thing that could possibly happen is for Justin Bieber to promote it. He has such a far reach and people really listen to him (to the point that it's creepy). Here's hoping that some of these Beliebers actually donated. Normally, I wouldn't have much faith in Bieber himself, but he actually is a pretty charitable guy.

Watch Bieber pour water on himself from that Ikea trashcan we all have below. Be sure to pay attention at the end when his horrible acting skills betray him and make it clear that he actually used warm water.