'Finding Carter's Bird Is Actually a Singer & Vanessa Morgan Is About To Release a Single

Finding Carter might be the only acting project that Vanessa Morgan is working on at the moment, but it's not the only thing keeping her busy. Morgan has revealed that she's working on her music now that filming for Finding Carter Season 1 has finished and she's set to record her first single in Nashville on Monday. This might come as a surprise to fans of her character Bird on Finding Carter , since she hasn't been given much opportunity to show off her singing skills on the show, but it's no surprise to longtime fans of Morgan who know that she actually started out as a singer rather than an actress.

"I’m planning to release a single and then see where it goes from there," says Morgan of her plan for her music career. "I’m recording a single...and then I plan to record a couple of other songs that we want to release, but we’re going to start with the one I’m recording on Monday and then I’m going to shoot a video shortly after that and see where it goes."

The single, which will either be called "Hold On" or "I Hold On," is described as pop dance "with a slight country twist," but Morgan keeps tight-lipped on what exactly the song is about. She does, however, reveal that one of her musical influences was Avicii's "Wake Me Up," which has the sort of sound that she means when she says "pop dance." In addition to the YouTube videos that she's released of herself singing, Morgan has also sang the theme song for the Canadian series The Latest Buzz and the national anthem at Ottawa Senators' hockey games.

It was actually singing that helped Morgan first get into acting. According to an interview Morgan did with The Magazine in 2012, she was performing when an agent saw her and suggested she try acting. Singing might have been her first love, but now she loves both activities equally and is at a point in her life where she can devote an equal amount of attention to both of them. Finding Carter was recently renewed for a second season and its success has brought even more attention to Morgan than ever before. Hopefully that buzz will help make her single a hit when it comes out in September or October 2014.

Morgan has said in the past that she would love to get into the studio when she has the time and now is clearly the right time. Many of her YouTube videos are from a year ago or longer, so the world is ready for more of Morgan's music. Will she help prepare her fans for the release of her single by posting some more covers? Maybe even a cover that's a little more... Frozen?

"I should probably do one. That's a great idea," Morgan says with a laugh. She's a huge fan of Frozen and tweeted a picture of her DVD the day that she bought it with the hash tag #noregrets, and her favorite song is "Let It Go," which is, perhaps, one of the most widely covered songs in the world right now. All the pieces are in place for Morgan to do a cover of her own. The ball's in her court for that one, but whether or not she decides to give Elsa's signature song a try, I, along with the rest of Morgan's fans, will be eagerly awaiting the release of her single.