MTV's 'Finding Carter' Gets Fans Talking & For Good Reason: It's Awesome

It's official — Tuesday nights are the nights for awesome teen TV. MTV's Finding Carter premiered on Tuesday, and if the pilot episode is any indication on things to come, this is one show that you should get excited for on a week to week basis. In case you missed the network's newest drama, the show has one hell of a premise. After getting arrested for sneaking onto a carnival ride after-hours (oh, you crazy kids) 16-year-old Carter is told by the police that her fingerprints match the prints of a girl who was kidnapped 13 years earlier. The woman that Carter thought was her mother is actually her kidnapper, and her "real" family is here to take her home. Unfortunately for them, Carter was pretty happy with her faux-momma, and isn't too thrilled that she's been ripped away from the life she loved. Finding Carter is a surprisingly compelling, thoughtful, and emotional drama that asks questions about what makes a family — and what separates right from wrong. Here's my advice — watch it.

But you don't just have to take my word for it — the show may have just premiered, but it's already gathered a new loyal following. Twitter was abuzz with Finding Carter tweets Tuesday night, which says a lot about the quality of the show. (Tuesday night was the Pretty Little Liars 100 episode, and Finding Carter is officially capable of dragging users away from frantically tweeting about #EzriaForever.) Here are some of the Finding Carter tweets from Tuesday's premiere episode — MTV's brand new show already has a fan following.

Congrats on being awesome, Finding Carter.

Images: MTV, Giphy (2)