Is 'Finding Carter's Grandma Joan Involved in Carter's Kidnapping? She's As Suspicious as David

Say what she will about how much she hates having her life turned upside down, but Carter from MTV's Finding Carter is definitely getting cozy in her new identity. Sure, the mother who raised may have been suddenly ripped away, but Carter is effortlessly making friends and breaking a few hearts in the process — wait, can I get a new life, too? Of course, things haven't been all good for Carter and thanks to Entertainment Weekly's recent interview with actress Meredith Baxter, Grandma Joan being involved in Carter's kidnapping now seems to be completely possible. So there's yet another character Carter shouldn't trust.

In the interview, Baxter admits that there's more to Grandma than meets the eye. After mentioning that she'd be back and "probably make someone's life a little more miserable," Baxter said of Joan's future run-ins with David:

We haven’t interacted much at all. His scenes have been predominantly with other people, and I haven’t had an opportunity yet—but boy, sparks will fly.

As unlikeable a character Carter can be sometimes — seriously, these people are giving you an awesome surprise birthday breakfast with bacon and you're running out of the room? — I'd like to offer her a little advice before she stumbles upon more trying times: Be careful who you trust. In fact, after last week's episode, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea if Carter decided against trusting any of the people who populate her new life. Yes, even you, Grandma Joan. Especially you, Grandma Joan.

We can all agree that Carter's dad, David, is more than a little sketchy. He and Lori likely have a history that we will learn about in future episodes. Whether it was romantic involvement or David secretly playing a role in Carter's kidnapping, I'm now pretty much convinced that Elizabeth's mom is somehow in on the whole thing.

In addition to what Baxter told EW, Grandma Joan's actions on the show have been more than a little suspicious. When Joan found out that Elizabeth was cheating on David, she didn't immediately kick her daughter's ass for it, the way my mother would have done. Instead, she practically cheered at the news. Why doesn't she like David? He seems like a nice guy. Good looking, great father, and he's a writer — take it from me, writers make great life partners. What's not to like? But there's something that's about to boil over, and I think it will come in the form of revealing that David, Lori, and Joan were part of a triangle of shady dealings back when Carter's kidnapping first took place.

And if that happens, we can trust that Carter will have a total breakdown — and more than likely cause reason for another attractive male guest star to help her lick her wounds. What are the chances of Kathryn Prescott enlisting a former Skins co-star? Any of them will do.

Image: MTV