Charlie Sheen Has The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Yet & It's Completely Surprising — VIDEO

Say what you will about the ice bucket challenge (it's just a social media ploy, it doesn't really help ALS research, it's insanely cold when you do it, it's a great cause spreading awareness) and say what you will about Charlie Sheen (what an obnoxious d-bag, he's not that bad), but combine the two together and you get a great ice bucket challenge video. Yes, you read that sentence. Your eyes are not deceiving you: Charlie Sheen has one of the best ice bucket challenges you've seen yet.

You might think, "no, Chris Pratt had the best ice bucket challenge video" — but the truth is, Chris Pratt had a very Chris Pratt ice bucket challenge video; it was awesome, hilarious, totally dreamy and brought back memories of the days you chugged Smirnoff Ice (ah, college). But here, Charlie Sheen makes it rain, all right — he dumps the bucket on his head, and instead of ice, out pours...well, you'll see. (Hint: it's a lot of money. A lot. In cash form.)

Sheen then challenges some of the folks over at Two and Half Men to do the same — whether they match his donation or not, one thing is clear: Sheen wants to make it about donating to ALS research, not about getting a ton of likes on Facebook. WHO'DA THUNK IT — that Charlie Sheen would have one of the best videos for this trend yet?