If Beyonce & Jay Z Are Getting Divorced, They Deserve Oscars for Their Portrayal of “Happy Couple"

I'm just gonna say it: if Beyonce and Jay Z aren't getting divorced, they both need to be given awards by some academy or other, because, man, they are really good actors if they're not still in love. Earlier on today, HBO released a trailer for their On The Run Tour , which will be airing on the network in September. And, I mean, obviously, Beyonce and Jay Z aren't going to film a preview of themselves bickering and staying in separate hotel rooms even if their divorce is pending, but man, this trailer is hot! What, with Beyonce serenading her husband with Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down), and Jay Z enjoying the show with a cigar, they certainly seem like a couple whose passion is still very much alive. Then again, they could just be really good actors?

It's weird, since the divorce rumors have started up with Beyonce and Jay Z, the couple seems to be doing everything in their power to make it seem like the gossip is just that — gossip. Are they really in love? Or are they just phenomenal thespians? Who knows? But if they are getting divorced, here are five other examples of exquisite acting on Jay Z and Beyonce's behalf:

Um, They Toured Together & Brought It Every Night

Okay, so I wasn't fortunate enough to attend any of their shows, but from the sounds of things, the couple was en fuego every night and did not disappoint their fans. That's gotta be tough to do — day in, day out — if you're not into the person you're performing with?

Beyonce's Instagram Photos

Sure, anything and everything can seem amazing on Instagram, but Beyonce certainly is putting on a solid front if she and Jay Z are on the rocks. Who calls their husband their favorite hue if they're not feeling him? Maybe Beyonce...

They Attended the Opening of Jay Z's Mom's Restaurant Together

Remember a few weeks back when a photo of Beyonce and Jay Z happily attending the opening of Jay Z's mom's new restaurant "leaked?" Beyonce is rivaling Meryl Streep in this shot!

They Had an Amazing Lunch Recently

Supposedly, Beyonce and Jay Z had an epic lunch with Blue Ivy recently, where they were getting along like a "house on fire." The clincher? There were no cameras around to capture it — only onlookers saw. Well-played, you guys. You're even on when you don't have to be.

Beyonce Looks Happy as All Get Out

Beyonce posted a series of photos to Instagram of herself, presumably with Jay Z, at a go-kart track in the last few days. She looks happy, relaxed, and like she's having a great time. If she's not, she's one hell of an actress.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram (3)