"Fox and Friends" Reacts Crazily to CA Trans Law

by Julia Black

On Monday, California governor Jerry brown signed an unprecedented new measure into law that will allow transgender children in his state to elect which bathrooms and locker rooms they use based on their self-identified gender. And like clockwork, the conservative backlash was in full swing the very next day.

Fox's morning show Fox and Friends brought in contributor Michelle Malkin Wednesday to trade speculations about the different ways in which this legislation would wreak havoc on poor California. Malkin called the policy "social engineering run amok" and bemoaned the fact that "transgender is defined any way they want to! As long as the child has the self-perception that they are transgender, they will be able to go into any bathroom they want!"

Perhaps she has some kind of third-party transgender vetting process in mind? But, uh, we're pretty sure self-perception plays a pretty key role in deciding one's own identity.

Among Fox News' other concerns was the fact that this law might actually force parents and schools to have honest conversations about what it means to be transgender with their kids. Eric Bolling announced somberly, "It's very scary. A slippery slope."

Yeah, into progress.

Watch the full video here:

(Photo: Fox News)