4 Ways To Maintain Healthy Hair For Fall, According To Stylist Ashley Branda, Because No One Wants A Case Of Autumn Frizzies

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Remember how exciting back-to-school shopping was when we were little? It was a simple wardrobe re-fresh, but it always made me feel like something really exciting was on the horizon. I was ready to take on the new school year and everything that came along with it. As I got older, I honestly didn’t do as much back-to-school shopping as I did updating my skincare routine for the impending chilly weather. Heading into the cooler months meant I could use those richer products for added moisture — my oily skin did not take well to them in the summer months, so I had to adjust accordingly.

With the summer months now behind us (I know, I know, booo!), I have been thinking about what changes I need to make as we head towards my favorite season ever: FALL! I realized the one thing I don’t really change from season to season is my hair care routine. I’m always using the same products to wash, condition, and style, whether it’s hot and humid or breezy and cool. I thought about how my skin’s needs change from season to season, and I realized my hair must feel kind of neglected, and I should start showing it some more love.

I went straight to the experts on this one, and interviewed hair stylist Ashley Branda (follow her Instagram, @ _Brandabeauty_, to see her amazing work) about what happens to our hair as the seasons change and what we can do to improve our hair's health. I wanted to know what exactly does happen to our hair as the weather changes from warm/humid to cooler/drier. "The reason why humidity effects the hair is because the proteins in the hair are not uniform, causing each individual strand to react differently to water molecules. So the hair absorbs moisture differently, causing some pieces to twist and bend, others to loose curl, and some to have that “frizzy" effect," Branda explained to me. I felt a light bulb go off in my brain. So that explains the lovely variety of texture/frizz/unruliness I experience with my own hair!

Still not totally sure how to battle that frizz? Read on for Branda's best tips for prepping your strands for fall.

1. Finding The Right Products Is Key

"Pay attention to the products you are using. Using products to help aid the hair back to its health is key. Ladies, please focus on products that work well for your texture and your hair type," Branda said. So, if you have fine, thin hair, don't use heavy, thick moisturizing products which will weigh your hair down. Focus on products that are "lightweight" and allow your hair to maintain it's natural movement. If your hair is course and dry, give it some TLC with a moisturizing product like argan oil. I've been loving the Organix Extra Strength Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Hair Oil — and it's only $6. Branda is a true believer in investing in your hair care products. "My mother used to always say 'The hair is a woman's crown and glory!'

2. Cut Back On The Shampoo

Also try not to shampoo everyday — every other day is best." If the thought of not washing your hair every day freaks you out, Branda suggests trying a dry shampoo. This will help absorb some of the excess oils on your scalp and give your hair a freshly washed look. Cutting your hair regularly is important, too, and Branda recommends "every 8 to 11 weeks." Which reminds me...I'm dangerously close to being overdue for my next trim.

3. Pay Attention To Your Dinner

I've learned that having beautiful hair (and skin) definitely goes hand-in-hand with a healthy lifestyle. Branda agrees: "Health from within is most important, so definitely follow a clean diet and take vitamins." Foods that are high in protein like fish, eggs, and nuts are great for your hair.

4. Beat The Heat

Topically, Branda suggests using a masque once a week to target any issues you are having with your hair, and using thermal protecting products "before blow drying with your PROFESSIONAL blow dryer! Yes a good blow dryer makes a difference!" I'm pretty sure this piece of advice comes after Branda saw I was using this thing to dry my hair:

It smelled like a toaster oven every time I turned it on. Needless to say, I've stopped using it. In addition to the hair dryer pictured above, Branda also suggests avoiding "ironing your hair with flat irons and curling irons on a regular basis" in order to keep the hair as healthy as possible during the seasonal transition and all throughout the year.

TL;DR? "Take care of yourself! Indulge your hair in the products it deserves! Invest in a great blow dryer and get a trim every 8-11 weeks! Eat healthy and take vitamins. You will definitely see a difference!"

That doesn't sound so hard, does it?

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