Their Ice Bucket Challenge Is Adorable

Batman just got soaked! Ben Affleck took on the Ice Bucket Challenge with a little help from his wife, Jennifer Garner (or The Artist Formerly Known As Sydney Bristow from Alias). Seriously, these two make for one of cutest celebrity couples, and this video is one of the most adorable celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge videos yet.

As the A-list Ice Bucket videos continue to roll in, we get to see more and more celebs' takes on how to raise awareness for ALS, and we also get glimpses into their personal lives and their homes. We've seen Chris Pratt get spontaneously soaked, we've seen Charlie Sheen make it rain with cash pouring out of his bucket, and we've seen Tom Hiddleston's abs get sopping wet, too. Here, we see Affleck ready to do a regular old Ice Bucket Challenge Video... until Garner dumps the bucket of ice on him. Affleck pushes her in the pool, and then jumps on in with her, and you can hear their daughter laughing hysterically in the background. It's even better when you watch it.

So, who did Affleck nominate to get iced — and to donate to ALS research — next? Matt Damon (duh), Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, and his wife, Jennifer Garner. Perhaps when it's officially Garner's video, she'll push her husband in the pool — it would be vengeance slash charity!

Check it out below.