That 'TVD' & 'Originals' Crossover Is Happening

Did Julie Plec just win all of us disgruntled and depressed CW fans over yet again? Fans have been impatiently waiting for the next Vampire Diaries and Originals crossover since Rebekah and Klaus returned to Mystic Falls for TVD's 100th episode in Season 5. It looks like fans of both series won't have to wait much longer for their favorite characters — and hopefully, everyone's favorite 'ship Klaroline — to reunite. Following CW executive Mark Pedowitz's reveal that a crossover would come when it was "organic," Julie Plec confirmed on Monday that an Originals and Vampire Diaries crossover will happen.

The showrunner and notorious Jeremy Gilbert-killer told EW, "It looks like we're going to be able to do a crossover during the first half of the season." Which should be music to the ears of every TVD and Originals fan from here to The Other Side — there's an official timeframe and it's really, really going to happen. Plec wasn't able to reveal any other details about the potential crossover because the series have yet to shoot it, but she did say that "things are looking good." Which could mean anything from a mass murder of three or more of our favorite characters and series regulars OR the hot-and-heavy Klaroline reunion fans have been waiting for. (Praise.)

And luckily, the one thing Plec revealed would NOT happen in the crossover had nothing to do with a chatty blonde and a new father. According to Plec, Alaric Saltzman won't be central to the crossover storyline, even though he's now an Original vampire (by Esther's hand) and Esther has returned to New Orleans. Which leaves the door wide open for one of these three crossover scenarios to flourish on the upcoming seasons of TVD and The Originals — especially now that we know it'll happen during the first half:


Klaus and Caroline are both in incredibly vulnerable positions right now and we all know how their strong vulnerability factored into the evolution of their relationship. Klaus just lost his daughter and his power and Caroline's dealing with Stefan not returning her profession of love. So, naturally, throwing them back together could only mean good things for this couple — they strengthen one another and they just get it. I also can't think of a single TVD or Originals fan that didn't go into cardiac arrest when the pair hooked up during TVD's 100th episode. If a crossover is happening, they're happening, and there's no way around that.

Saving Damon & Bonnie

This is by far the most important issue going forward on both series. (Okay, the moonstone issue on The Originals is a pretty big deal, but Damon.) Elena and the Mystic Falls crew aren't going to rest until these two are back from wherever they got zapped to when The Other Side collapsed. Honestly, neither are TVD's fans. And now that they've lost their only reliable witch, the vampires of Mystic Falls are going to need to find someone else to help them — Esther Mikaelson.

Sure, they won't know right away that she's back (Klaus and Elijah haven't realized it yet either), but once they do, Elena's going to run down to New Orleans looking for answers. But even without Esther's help, New Orleans is teeming with powerful witches like Davina, for example. Whether they get the Original Witch on their side or not, the answer to the Damon and Bonnie question most certainly lies in New Orleans.

Someone Else Needs Elena's Blood

Is it just me or have we not heard the word doppelgänger for a really long time? I know, you probably never want to hear that word again and now that Silas, Katherine, and Amara are all dead, hopefully we never need to. But what if, yet again, the doppelgänger's blood is the answer to everyone's problems? They need Elena's blood for Esther or one of the New Orleans witches to cast a spell that'll reverse the collapse of The Other Side? They need the blood to reverse the spell on the moonstones that suck Klaus' strength at the full moon? They need her blood to finally end Esther and Mikael Mikaelson's reign of terror for good?

We already learned that Elena's blood can turn Travellers from vampires back to humans and break the curse on them. God only knows what use Plec and her band of writers can cook up for Elena's blood when it comes to the Original Witch and her vampire-hunting husband.

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