Will Sam Make You Cry at the VMAs?

Prep your tissues, my friends, because MTV has announced that Sam Smith will perform at The MTV Video Music Awards. So after you feel all feisty and fierce from watching Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift perform, you can enter a state of feeling completely dejected and crestfallen for a brief period of time — but in the good way, like "I'm feeling something! All of my past feelings are POURING OUT OF MY EYES! SAM SMITH GETS ME (snort)." And if Smith performs "I'm Not The Only One" — his latest single which comes complete with a total tearjerker of a video — then you can definitely be sure that you will be on the floor in fetal position, bawling. That song. Those lyrics. That voice. It will be an emotional roller coaster, y'all, and that's because MTV knows how to bring on the feels.

Seriously — this is gonna be a hell of an emotional show. There's a top-notch roster of performers who will take you on a journey that will range from a feminist girl power party to ass-shaking dance-athon to the aforementioned Cry Fest '14. Not to mention, Beyoncé will be addressing that divorce. If Smith performs after Beyoncé talks about her marriage, then MTV is either cruel or completely genius when it comes to understanding emotions.

The crazy show airs on Aug. 24, so start prepping! Taking deep breaths will probably suffice for now.