Jay Z & Beyonce Split Will Reportedly Be Addressed at the VMAs But Not The Way You Think

Things have been quiet on the Jay Z and Beyoncé divorce rumor front. Too quiet. In fact, the biggest Beyoncé news lately has been that Beyoncé might be collaborating with Rihanna on her next remix and, of course, the ultra sexy On the Run Tour trailer for the HBO special that's coming our way. It might have been a little too hopeful to think that we were past the days where we assumed that Beyoncé and Jay Z were going to divorce any minute now. After all, if Beyoncé's numerous Instagram photos of a happy family weren't enough to convince people that those rumors have no weight to them, then clearly they'll never stop talking. However, the latest rumor could actually be the best. According to Hollywood Life, Beyoncé will address the split with Jay Z at the VMAs and that might actually be great news.

One of the ways I assumed Beyoncé and Jay Z would announce their divorce is on stage, the same place she unveiled the news of her pregnancy in 2011. After all, Beyoncé and Jay Z have gone this long without commenting, in a joint statement or otherwise, so the way they do end up addressing the rumors has got to be something big and flashy, right? However, it appears I got one detail wrong. Beyoncé might not be announcing her divorce on stage at all.

"During her performance, she is looking to do something to hopefully silence all the haters and the critics," said a source to Hollywood Life. "But, in true entertainment fashion, to make even more questions come out of it. She wants to make a statement that people will be talking about for a very long time."

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

So, basically, Beyoncé's performance at the VMAs might not be about an upcoming split at all. It might be her last, final, grand declaration that she and Jay Z are and forever will be a loving team, the successful modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, the King and Queen of Everything. The On the Run Tour might have been seen by some people as too over the top to be taken as a true indication of the status of their marriage, but everything from the songs that Beyoncé chooses to sing to the costumes she chooses to wear to the show she chooses to put on at the VMAs could be the authentic experience we need to put these rumors to rest.

Of course, like everything else about their marriage, this is just hearsay and, what's more, this is hearsay that might indicate that she is planning to announce her split on stage after all. However, as a Beyoncé fan, I want to take this as a sign that the divorce rumors are just that: rumors. Surely if Beyoncé and Jay Z were going to divorce then they wouldn't be making us wait this long for a joint statement when everyone pretty much thinks they know what's going on already? . . . Right?

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