6 Things You Didn't Know About Asia Monet Ray

The star of Lifetime's new docuseries Raising Asia, Asia Monet Ray, is living her life in a very public setting. The series chronicles the 9-year-old's life, trials, and tribulations, as well as her ascent to superstardom. When you live your life in the public eye the way that Asia, her parents, and her younger sister do, you'd think there is nothing that viewers don't know about you. But, on the contrary, when I spoke to Asia, she revealed to me some things that most people wouldn't know from just watching her show.

I was surprised to find out that Asia is just as down to Earth and humble as any other kid her age, considering she's launching a full-fledged assault on all aspects of Hollywood, whether that be singing, dancing, or acting. When you have such an innate talent at such a young age, one would think it'd be pretty easy to let that all go to your head, but you'd be surprised to discover that Asia is very sweet, sharp, and thankful for all that she has. When I had the chance to talk to her, of course I asked the burning questions people want to know, but I also wanted to hear about some of the little things that people don't normally see on her show. She happily obliged.

What's Your Favorite Color?

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Pink is the winner by a mile, but she also ranks a few other colors, "Pink, then purple, then black and white, sometimes gold, and silver." She absolutely hates "dirty green" and "dirty brown," but who can blame her?

What's your favorite thing about Beyoncé, one of your Idols?

Asia says she loved Beyoncé's stage presence and the fact that she's a strong woman. Asia says she was actually cast in the above Toyota commercial because Beyoncé asked specifically for her to be in it. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Who Are Some Other Women That You Admire?

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Asia really admires Janet Jackson. She also lists Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez as women she looked up to for inspiration. J.Lo, Janet, and Paula are all amazing singers and dancers, some of whom delved into acting, so I can see why Asia would emulate these incredible women.

What's Something You Want To Do That You Haven't Done?

Asia expresses a real interest in circus and aerial work. She's always loved seeing all of the circus equipment up in the air, so it's no wonder she wants to be up there "flying like a bird," as she puts it.

What's Your Favorite Dance Move?

Leaps and flips are two of Asia's favorite dance moves. Check out her lion tamer routine from World of Dance to see her in action.

What's Something Most People Don't Know You Can Do?

Asia says a lot of people don't know she can walk around on her hands for a really long time. She estimates about 10 minutes. I don't think I can even do a cartwheel, let alone walk on my hands. That's probably why I'm not in the running to become the next Beyoncé.

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