A First Look At Ant Man

by Mallory Schlossberg

Full disclosure: I believe in Paul Rudd. I fully endorse all things related to him and any of his endeavors, so naturally, I am psyched to see this first look at Rudd in Ant-Man , the movie that seemed like it never would happen but now totally is happening. It has a director! It even has Corey Stoll as a co-star! The cast keeps growing and gets more and more stellar by the day! It's in production!

BUt don't worry — you, too, can get a glimpse of Rudd as Scott Lang, the protagonist of the movie who is also the titular insect-size man, in the photo below. He's donning a hoodie, and he's standing by a van and near the Golden Gate bridge, which you know means (and I unabashedly will quote West Side Story here)...something's coming. Perhaps it's the villain who will be played by Corey Stoll! Or a better hairpiece for Corey Stoll than the one he wears in The Strain! Or perhaps Scott Lang is about to shrink to the size of an ant!

We can find out when the movie hits theaters on July 17th, 2015. So, yeah, this movie actually is happening, and even though this picture doesn't give that much away, it let's us know that something is happening and that something involves Paul Rudd. So all is okay in the world.