Watch The Power Rangers Fight An Evil Cookie Monster To The Death — VIDEO

Gail Oskin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hey, Internet. Hope you're having a lovely day, 'cause it's about to get a little nuts over here with this video of The Power Rangers fighting Cookie Monster. Yes, that is correct — your favorite oh so '90s mighty morphin' superheroes (who are getting a new movie!) will battle the one and only blue cookie-devouring denizen of Sesame Street. Why? I don't know, you tell me. How about: why not?

But be warned: in this video brought to you by Danny Philippou, this version of Cookie Monster ain't so kind and gentle. In fact, he attacks some nice folks having a picnic and eating cookies because he wants their cookies so badly! (This only gives me further fuel to my I-hate-those-Times-Square-characters fire.) Who better to save them? there any one more equipped to fight a monster than The Power Rangers? Nope. Probably not.

Then, the Power Rangers battle Cookie Monster to the death, leaving us wondering...who will win? Will right be wronged? Will that girl get her cookies back? Cookies are important! They fall into the "snack food" category!!

Needless to say, these "Power Rangers" are unaffiliated with the Rangers you know and love, and this isn't the real Sesame Street residing Cookie'll know that for sure when you see the dramatic ending. Will your childhood be destroyed? Maybe. But it's sometimes fun to watch bizarre death matches between icons from your innocent past.

Images: RackaRacka/Youtube